Treatments using the Signature Series BioPulser®
Special excerpts from the BioPulser® training materials

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Hypertonic spasm in the Scalenes (27) can compress the cervical discs. Spasm in the Psoas (26) can compress your lumbar discs. The compression caused by these muscles is often mistaken for "herniated, torn, or degenerated" discs. What actually happens is a protrusion of the extremely tough disc material. It's very unlikely that you need an operation.

Pyramidalis (26A) attaches to the top of the pubic bone and comes to a point at about 1/2 the distance to the belly button. In women, it contracts during menstruation and can cause cramping. Pulsing 26A with the Cup Tip along it's length can can relieve menstrual cramps, and can also help to relieve prostate pain in men.