Treatments using the Signature Series BioPulser®
Special excerpts from the BioPulser® training materials

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Pulse all of the following indicated muscles to relieve the associated problems.

On the front of the leg, we encounter the longest muscle in the body, Sartorius (44). This length allows 44 to contribute to several problem areas. At its upper attachment, it abuts the front edge of Tensor Fascia Lata (42).

A few inches down, 44 crosses Psoas (26) and may entrap a nerve trunk between the two. The resulting pain is located next to the hip joint, which usually erroneously gets the blame.

A problem with the 42 - 44 combination makes it difficult to lift the leg forward while the 26 - 44 combination makes it impossible to extend the leg backwards.

44 then crosses Adductor Longus (45), which combination can make it difficult to abduct the leg to the side. All of this muscle-induced reduction of joint movement is again blamed on the skeletal hip joint. Also, spastic (44) & (45) can trap a nerve between them.

For more information on the lower attachments of these muscles, and to learn more about knee pain, see KNEE in the treatment chart.