Treatments using the Signature Series BioPulser®
Special excerpts from the BioPulser® training materials

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At its lower attachment, Sartorius (44) produces the most common form of knee pain, which is, of course, blamed on knee joint cartilage. This is in spite of the fact that the pain center is located below the level of the cartilage. This attachment of 44 abuts a medial hamstring, Semitendinosus (46) so that a hamstring problem can contribute to a knee problem.

Vastus Medialis (47) produces a less common form of medial knee problem. The pain is not as sharp and cannot cause the knee to lock as 44 pain can. The pain from 47 is located just above the knee joint and is usually blamed on a ligament. 47 entraps circulation also and can result in fluid retention just above the knee.

Pain directly below the patella (knee cap) can result from spasticity in Vastus Intermedius (48).

48 actually bypasses the knee cap, so that with the leg extended and relaxed, the knee cap may be moved easily from side to side, while 48 remains unmoving beneath the tendon which attaches to the knee cap. This pain is also usually blamed on one of the 13 ligaments of the knee joint.

Pulse all of the muscles shown for knee pain.