Treatments using the Signature Series BioPulser®
Special excerpts from the BioPulser® training materials

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Flexor Pollicus Longus (35) is the long thumb flexor muscle which starts back at the elbow. 35 travels deep to Flexor Carpi Radialis (36) until just before they reach the carpal tunnel where they are on the same level. At that point, 36 "elbows" 35 right into the median nerve. If the muscles were relaxed and soft as expected, this would cause no problem. But when the muscles are tense, hard, and bulging, then there is a problem. People with median nerve entrapment symptoms can be felt to have an enlarged knot in 35 at the point of contact with the median nerve. The involvement of 36 explains why a wrist brace can reduce the symptoms. A wrist brace has no effect on the carpal tunnel other than to put more pressure on it. Surgery does not get to the root of the problem.To get some noticeable relief, Biopulse beginning at the elbow area, move along the muscles indicated up to the wrist area and back..