Signature Series BioPulser
The BioPulser has been designed to permit the drumming of muscles so they vibrate at their natural resonant frequencies thus producing a moderate stimulation which soothes them to relax while simultaneously avoiding over-stimulation which would excite them to contract. The BioPulser was made to be the major component of Kanon hypertonic muscle correction protocol but can also be used alone as a "first-aid" device. As a complement to the BioPulser, the compatible finger-tip "surfing" (manipulation of the muscle surface layers only) technique also stimulates without exciting the muscles. This moderate rocking stroke is described in "What's Really Wrong With You?" p 146.

Hypertonic ** Muscle Correction
(a part of neurocybernetics)
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Please note that the Neurosoma technique and Brian Bronk's Advanced Muscle Reconditioning is not Kanon Neurocybernetics.